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Fantazia vs Universe - 19th September 2015 - Motion, Bristol

Join us this September as we team up with Universe fans for our Carnival of Peace, Love and Unity as 2000 ravers from the past and present come together for 9 hours of old skool raving fun.

The line up is a feast of pure entertainment and we don't forget of jungle, techno, hardcore, DNB or Acid House as our huge collection of DJ's bring you tune after tune of the best music from the last 25 years.  Motion is an excellent venue really capturing the atmosphere of raves from the past and very handily close to the main Bristol train station for you to arrive and depart easily at the event.

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Fantazia Stock T-shirts - Galaxy & Newsprint

Looking for new Fantazia t-shirt to wear to our events or to let people know you are a raver?  Then checkout our latest 2 in stock t-shirt designs at incredible prices.  Galaxy is a full colour print featuring the Fantazia Smiley Face logo in a universe of stars! 

2nd is Newsprint featuring several of the classic Fantazia logos.  Both look amazing and are on great quality t-shirts.

We do of course have a full range of other t-shirts for ravers in our made or order sites.

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Fantazia Anniversary CDs

We have now released the CDs from our 20th Anniversary events from the Kings Hall in Stoke on Trent.    Sets can be bought as a lot with a big discount.
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Rave Scene & DJ profiles

donovan's boatOur rave archive section continues to grow,  we have added more reviews & profiles on many acid house companies & DJs.
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Live Rave event mix CDs

We have released many more live rave event CDs from back as far as 1991.  3000 quality sets inc from Universe, Edge, Perception, Pleasuredome, World Dance, Fubar
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Fantazia Introduction

Fantazia have organised the largest raves & acid house parties since 1991. Albums sales are over 2 million sales to date.  

Fantazia covers many genres of music from House & Techno to Old Skool/ Rave & Hardcore and held tours in Ibiza & worldwide.
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Fantazia Events CDs

We sell an amazing range of mix CDs from the biggest and best raves from the 90's. 

These sets are classics featuring great MCing on many as well as awesome under ground tunes.  Featuring Easygroove, Top Buzz, Ratpack, Slipmatt and many more. Relive the best times of you life.
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Fantazia Ten tips Emails

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we are giving away a series of special emails to people who join our email maillist.


Buy Rare Rave Tapes

Fantazia stock the largest range of rare collectable rave tapes on the internet.  From Helterskelter, Dreamscape, Fantazia, Amnesia House and more.  12 Packs, 8 Packs, 4 Packs and single tapes.
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UV Makeup, Nail Foils & Tattoos

We have added masses more UV reactive neon make up, nail foil ranges and lip tattoos to give you everything you need for a clubbing makeover.  Polishes, Eyeliners, Face paints, lashes, lipsticks and more.
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New/More Rave DVDs available

We have added to our large range of rave DVDs including previously unseen footage from our big Fantazia raves.  New DVDs from Shelley's, Nemesis, Amnesia House and many more classic raves from the early 90's are now on sale.
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Judgement Day CDs

Added to our shop are Bass Generator Records and Judgement Day mixes from the past 15 years.
We have over 200 sets available to buy from these amazing hardcore events from the NE and Scotland..
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Fantazia T-shirts

We have add lots of new designs and improved many of our current range.  Do look again if you haven't for a while.
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Rave Slogan Clothing

We have a great range of Rave Slogan clothing in our dedicated Rave Clothing shop.  Designs include many Smiley Faces, DJing images, dancing, drugs and much more. 
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Cyber Club Wear

We now sell a massive range of the very popular cyber club wear.  
These outfits looking amazing combining tight lycra fit with UV fabrics to ensure that you stand out. 
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3D Holographic effect glasses

Looking for a new experience for a little money?  What a cheap giveaway at a party for friends?  Then try our great 3D glasses range. 
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Rave Flyer Library

We have a large collection of rave and dance music flyers from nights starting from 1990 to the present day. 
We aim to scan all these and add them to the site over the next 6 months. 
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Obsession Rave CDs

Fantazia have the exclusive right to the music from the Obsession raves, and we available to buy classics like the 3rd Dimension & more.
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Classic Fantazia VIP MA1 is back

They were a classic item back in 1992 and our biggest seller.  We sold them in their thousands and for our 20th anniversary we have a LTD range of VIP ones.
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Glow in the Dark Clothing/Gear

Great for Halloween, raves and festival parties are our range of glow in the dark t-shirts & clothing feat. smilies, messages & slogans.
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UV Reactive Clubwear

UV reactive florescent gear, clothing and products work amazingly in gyms, theatre dramatics productions, school shows, raves & festivals.
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Recreational Drug information

Check out our  recreational drugs section.  We cover many exotic and rare drugs as well as common ones.
Keep safe been informed!
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Equaliser & Flashing t-shirts

Still light up clubs, raves & festivals are our range of Equaliser & flashing t-shirts.  We have over 15 designs in stock inc Radioactive, Spiral, Swirl, Cannabis and dancers
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DJ Name Generator

If you are thinking of being a DJ and are lacking for inspiration on your DJing name then try our DJ name generator.  Just a bit of fun!
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Love all things Smiley Culture

Acid House music was  associated with the happy smiley face. We embraced that culture with a full range of Smiley face fancy dress gear.
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Fluffy Furry Legwarmers

We are sell many different varieties of fluffy furry legwarmers that are great at raves and festivals including over knee, 2 tone, multitone all customisable.
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The site is dedicated to the memories of rave parties from the past & present.  The Site contains extensive rave & hardcore articles, event/DJ pictures, DJ profiles and rave flyers.

We continue to add rave info. Please help in this task
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What is Raving?

A rave party, more often called a rave and sometimes called a free party, is typically an all-night dance event where DJs and other performers play electronic dance music and rave music.

The slang expression rave was originally used by people of Caribbean descent in London during the 1960s to describe a party. In the late 1980s, the term began to be used to describe the subculture that grew out of the acid house movement that began in Chicago and flourished in the United Kingdom club scene.

Overseas ordering?

We are pleased to confirm that we ship music, DVDs, rave gear and clubwear to all parts of the world and have many happy customers from countries such as Norway, Canada, France, USA, Australia & Japan.  We charge a small flat rate on every order with the option of a full tracking service if required.

Rave Video footage licensing

We have a very large range of rave footage which is unmatched in its variety of types and styles that is covers over the last 20 years.   This is available to license for movies, documentaries, music videos and TV & online adverts
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Our Guide to be a successful DJ

We are always being asked how do you get to DJ for Fantazia at one of our raves.  For aspiring DJs we have an essential email guide full of great tips for you to read.
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