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Welcome to the Fantazia website

Welcome to the Fantazia website. Our site is dedicated to not only Fantazia parties from the past and present but it is also the largest resource on the UK rave scene on the internet.

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Fantazia was founded in 1991 by a group of people who were excited by the energy of the acid house scene.   From there it went on to host the UK largest rave parties and arguably become the best known rave brand throughout the UK and the world.

Raving was special, hundreds of thousands of people each week attended the parties.  Teenagers aspired to go to the events from an early age.  The memorabilia was instantly collectable exchanging hands for lots of money.  It was the Second Summer of love for a new generation and its like may never be seen again - thanks to resulting government laws criminalising partying.

We aim to collect together information on every aspect of the scene from the early Acid House parties to ravings height in 1992, its transformation into the Super Clubs and finally its assimilation into the mainstream and decline back to an underground scene once more.

On top of our own research we rely on volunteers to help in the task of building the rave archive and make it as interesting as it is.  If you would like to contribute, a memory, review, photo or video footage then please do use the contact us link above to get in touch with us.

Lets keep the scene alive.  Peace Love Unity & Respect.

Best Regards

Charlie Fantazia


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