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We get approached a lot from ravers asking how to work for Fantazia and sadly as a small company we rarely have an vacancies.

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Fantazia has a core team of people supported by part time colleagues and other companies when we do events.   We do not need any one new at present but we do always need people to help our promoting the events on the internet and on the ground. 

If you think you can help promote Fantazia events please do get in touch.  For those who are looking at entering the music industry as a career these links may be of use to you.

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DJing or MC at a Fantazia rave

Below is some advise for old and new DJ's alike that dream of playing at Fantazia:

Fantazia support up and coming DJ's though with so many big name DJ's from the past two choose from opportunities to get a slot is limited.  We will take is as a given if you read on that you are at least as  good (and probably should be technically better) as the DJ's we currently use.  We are not a place to learn your trade.  Try your local clubs for that.

So if you have made a local name for yourself as a DJ or MC then start by writing a profile on yourself and submitting it to us with a picture of you playing. You should add your age. details of your inspiration, how you got started, what style you play and where you have played so far.  Tell us where you live. Clearly if you live in Cornwall doing event in Scotland will be an unlikely occurrence.

We do not accept demo tapes but you can email us a link to a set we can listen to online.    Make sure this mix is off a high quality. If it is distorted or their is mix errors you will be wasting our time and damaging your prospects as it will be rejected.  Include in the email with your mix your name, stage name and contact details.

Don't give us demo's at our events as they get lost, however do come up and say hello and tell us who you are and that you sent us a mix, we like to put a face to the set and personality is an important thing we look for in new DJs.

If you want to real insider tips then join up to our mailing list as you will receive an invaluable insiders guide to become a DJ for Fantazia.  Click here.

You can do many things to improve your chances of coming to our attention.  Help sell tickets.  Be active on our forums. Offer to do promotions work.  Everything helps.

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