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How to host your own Fancy Dress Rave at home

We organise huge raves which we know you all love.  However sometimes you may want to organise  your own rave party or theme a fancy dress rave at home.  Here are our top tips of things you need to host your own.

So what occasions can you use Rave as your theme for?  You have all been to a 70's or 80's fancy dress party now for the 30-40 something's go back to your youth and host your own 90's rave party....

The Occasion

We know people who have organised Rave fancy dress for host of different occasions and it is a great look.  Not only will it take you back to a time you love, the tunes are amazing and the outfits are easy to put together. Whether you are going for the full look or just to accessories you can for under 10 look great.   Birthdays, Office leaving parties, anniversaries, Scout parties, Hen & Stag do's, fancy dress events the list goes on. 

The Invite

Things to remember. The Date, the venue, the times, the dress code what people should bring.  We recommend that when you specify the dress code you give a short list of some suggestions for items that  your friends can wear.  Some of our suggestions are below (all of which are available from Fantazia):

- Smiley Face T-shirts
- Glowsticks
- Bush Hats
- Whistles & Horns
- Disposals Overalls
- Neon colours
- Hi Vis vests and trousers
- UV Makeup
- White Gloves
- Robot Masks
- Crazy Shoelaces

Raves are about self expression and customising t-shirts with logos etc looks great.   If you need to inspire your customers more or don't know what to put on the invite front then use an Acid House Smiley Face.  Click here to have one suitable to print.

The Venue / Decor / Equipment

Be it a church hall, social club or your own home raves are fun. Obviously though the bigger the venue the more decoration you will need.  All of the following is optional though.

- Record Decks (depending on your DJ or just a CD player)
- Big Speakers (if you want to annoy the neighbours)
- Banners (get white sheets & draw Smiley Faces using our UV Spray paint)
- Cargo Netting (ex army surplus looks great and is cheap)
- Inflatable's big or small but make sure its zanny.
- Strobe Lights (Maplins)
- Smoke Machine (Maplins)
- UV Lights Strip (Maplins/B&Q)
- Bubble Machines (Toy shops)
- Dancers (choose 2 of your friends who can dance and have sexy outfits)

If budget is not an option then you can get companies who can supply and fit all the necessary stuff. Checkout our useful list of suppliers.

The Music

You will either need a DJ or to buy a good classic old skool rave compilation.  The Fantazia shop sells quite a selection of CDs with all the big tunes on or you can go for something a little more underground.  You might want a small selection so that you don't have to keep repeating the same one.  If you like MC's (Master of ceremonies) who will encourage people to dance but don't want to spend money on one you could consider buying one of our live event mixes which have the vocals on them.  Email us for CD recommendations or give us a call.

To find a cheap DJ ask around your friends.  There will always be a budding DJ out there looking for some glory who normally just practices in the back bedroom.  If that doesn't work ask the DJ at the local nightclub.  If you really want to push the boat out and have a named DJ (this will cost a lot more) then check out our DJ agency list and they can advise you on who much and who is available.

DJ Agencies list

We recommend the Fantazia First Taste albums, it sounds underground (so perhaps not for non ravers) but is one of the best original albums ever released.

Food & Drink Suggestions

If you want to be authentic to the original rave parties you would only have soft drinks and bottles of water on hand.  However since the early days Energy Drinks have arrived and therefore stock up on some of these as they are sure to be popular.

If its a grown up party then some alcohol wont go amiss.  Try some Tequila shots as they are a great pick me up especially with the slice of lemon and salt.

Ravers were not big on food so you don't need to lay on a feast.  Try buying in some food to pick on.  Sweet foods work well like Candy Floss and lollies.


Remember it's a party.  In the early days of rave all there was was a warehouse with a single strobe light.  So anything goes.  Have fun.

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