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Useful Links

Do undertake as much research as you can on drugs.  We believe a well educated person is far safer than people kept in the dark.  A good starting place to find our more about Recreational Drug is some of the links below:

More Info

Buy Amyl Nitrate/poppers

- Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
- talktofrank.com
- homeoffice.gov.uk/drugs/
- bbc.co.uk/health
- drugs.org.uk/
- thesite.org/drinkanddrugs
- Poppersaroma.co.uk

If you know of an interesting link that should be here do get in touch.  If you are a site owner we just ask that you link back to our section.

Play Drugs
Trumps & make
learning fun
Street Clothing
Designs with
drug slogans
Dope Head Clothing
Design your own drug
based t-shirts
Drugs Blog/Chat
Recreational Drugs
Forum / Discussions

**Disclaimer / Useful information**

Whilst we endeavour to check the information contained in these pages we do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained here in, nor do we condone the taking of illegal drugs.  Please do make further research where necessary on other internet sites.  We have a page of useful links.  View now

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