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Methadone is a synthetic form of opiates which has similar effects to heroin.  It is often used as a treatment for heroin addiction.  It has many street names including meth, linctus, Mixture.

Methadone depresses the nervous system.  They do this by slowing down the bodies function and reduce psychological and physical pain.  Users often have feelings of relaxation, detachment and warmth.   Methadone use helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety these effects can be similar to heroin use.

The difference between Methadone and Heroin is that is does not give the user the same level as high or buzz.    Methadone is often prescribed to users of heroin asa substitute to get people to quit.  It is supposed to allow people to stabilize their life.  However there are  still problems with heroin withdrawal symptoms, but this method is much less severe than going 'cold turkey'.  This form of method is normally a green liquid which is swallowed.  Other forms of the drug can be taken in pill form or injected.

Effects of Methadone normally last several hours.

Methadone is a Class A drug in the UK with up to a life time in prison for a conviction for supply. Prices vary across the country with an average price of 1 per 10ml

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