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Drugs have been associated with the rave scene since it inception in the mix 80's in Ibiza.   There are many factors why raving and drugs have become synonymous.   We will explore some of those reasons for drug use in raving below as well as an overview of some drugs that have been used in the rave scene over the years.

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Firstly it is a youth orientated scene and teens and young adults have less responsibilities that they have to take care of (Children, Career jobs and mortgages) and therefore feel they are able to experiment with new experience.  Drug use has been youth oriented since the 60's with Speed and Acid.


Use of speed at raves is frequent.  It is cheap and its effect of giving the user masses of energy, suits dancing to repetitive beats.  Ravers can experience long come downs on Speed Drug use and its use can be addictive.


Ecstasy is the most famous drug that is associated with Raves.   Its affects complement the repetitive beats and speed of the music.  Its duration is sufficient to be immersive but short enough to be over before the end of the night.   Ecstasy drug use has a low come down effect enabling the user to be able to work as normal in the following week.  MDMA is the main ingredient of a true ecstasy tablet but over the years due to the control of the chemicals the drug is made from illegal manufacturers have substituted other chemicals some of which could be harmful.  This means that its safety as a raving drug cannot be guaranteed.


Ketamine became more popular over the years. Partly due to the drop in purity of ecstasy tablet which has less MDMA the in the early days, or sometime does not contain any.  Its effects boost energy and can cause the user to experience interesting sensations, including distortion of sound and vision.


Cocaine is expensive.  Its concentrative effect that makes users talkative is not suited at raves where the music is often very loud. Some ravers may use it but its use is not prevalent.

Caffeine / Energy Drinks

Caffeine tablets like Pro Plus have always been used by ravers as a substitute to illegal drugs.  They are used to give the user energy to keep dancing.   With the rise of energy drinks the likes of Red Bull are now more commonly taken at raves by a wide range of people.

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