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Solvents, Glues & Gases

Solvents can we used to get high by being inhaled.  They have a similar effect to alcohol making the user feel uninhibited, euphoric and dizzy.  Users can get Solvents from gas lighter refills, paint thinners, aerosols, dry cleaning fluids & tubes of glue.

Other effects of using solvents can be hallucination that last up to 45 minutes.   The hit is often much shorter meaning that users tend to continue to repeat taking the dose to keep the high going.  After effects can include headaches and tiredness similar to a hangover.    A red rash can also develop around the mouth with prologue use.

Solvents are not physically addictive however as tolerance can build up over use over a number of days which means users have to take an increasingly large does to feel the same impact.   This can be psychologically dependent.

Solvent misuse is not illegal in the UK, however it is against the law to sell solvents to people who it is believe will use them for abuse.  It is also illegal to sell various products to the under 18's.

Solvents are sniffed from a cloth, a sleeve or a plastic bag. Some users put a plastic bag over their heads and inhale that way. Gas products can be squirted directly into the back of the throat which makes it difficult to control the dose.

Fatal Heart problems
Side effects from solvent abuse can include blackouts or vomiting
Suffocation if you use the plastic bag over your head method of inhalation
Long term abuse causes brain damage, liver or kidney failure.

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