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Add your Hardcore/Rave Station to the Fantazia player

We are very happy to add new stations to the Fantazia Radio Player, all we ask is a small one off contribution to the cost of the installations.  There are a variety of options available:

Service / Channel NumberCostView
Normal Station50Buy available
Station in key pad (7, 8 or 9)75Buy available
Station in key pad (4, 5 or 6)100Buy 4, 5 available
Top Row Station (2 or 3) 125Buy available
Opening slot Station 1150Buy available
Optional news Piece on Fantazia Home Page for 2 months25Buy  
Optional clickable link on player to your home page 10Buy  
Optional link on Fantazia Radio Home page to your website10Buy  
Optional Custom background using your imagery25Buy  

All slots once purchased will be guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months, after which if someone else purchases the slot you will be moved to the next available slot down the channels unless you repurchase your spot.

We will use a standard Fantazia background template for your station unless you choose the Custom Background.  If you do we will contact you to email us an image for us to use..

If you have any queries:  Contact us







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