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5-MeO-DMT aka 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine

5-methoxy-dimethltrytamine is a psychedelic tryptamine.   It can be found naturally in a few toad species and some cactus and other plants.  It is a close relative of bufotenin and DMT.  It is often the substance found in use by South American shamans/tribes in their rituals.

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The drug was synthesizes in 1936.  It has traditionally been used in psychedelic snuff made from Virola bark resin.   5-Meo-DMT is also found in the venom of the Colorado River Toad which has recently been used for recreational purposes.

When purified 5-Meo_DMT is smoked, inhaled or injected and is active in as small a dose as 2mg.  Effects occur within seconds after smoking or injecting  or minutes otherwise.  The experience is often described as near death trippy effects.  The peak effect lasts for up to 30 minutes on average.

Although similar to DMT  its effects at not so visual.  Some users complain of the drug inducing unpleasant nausea.

Erowid lists the following effects for smoked 5-MeO-DMT:


immersive experiences
powerful "rushing" sensation
radical perspective shifting
profound life-changing spiritual experiences
some people experience erotic / sensual enhancement
occasional euphoria
internal visions (actual visual effects not as common)
journey into mind


short duration
change in perception of time
experience of "the void"
lack of memory of experience
muscle jerking, twitching, abnormal vocalizations
unconsciousness / non responsiveness lasting 5-20 minutes


overly-intense experiences
sense of pressure in the body
hard on the lungs to smoke
difficulty integrating experiences
fear, terror and panic
dysphoria (bad feelings)
fast onset and intensity can lead to problems if not prepared (dropped pipe, knocking things over, falling & hitting head, etc)

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