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Inhalation / Snorting Recreational Drugs Facts

The inhalation of illegal drugs can pose health risks if caution is not taken.  We aim to explain some of the risks below.  Please do make more enquiries as well.

Evidence exists that snorting cocaine with shared straws/ notes and other equipment can cause the transmission of Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can have serious effects on the human liver and can lead to death.   During snorting of cocaine through the nasal passage the blood vessels in the nose become dilated and rupture allowing the virus to be transmitted.

Blood as well as nasal mucous can transmit the virus therefore sharing of snorting equipments is potential vary dangerous and high risk activity.     Statistics show that up to 10% of confirm Hep C cases became infected through this route.

It is important therefore that users do not share equipment. This can be simply avoided by using paper only once and then throwing it away and rolling another "straw" later.    Bank notes are especially hazardous as they could have been used before and previously contaminated with blood.

Any other danger is chopping our your lines on unclean surfaces like the top of a public toilet.  This could contaminate the drug with Hep C or other germs that can survive in poorly cleaned places.

If you feel you have got an infection through drug inhalation please do seek medical help as soon as possible.

If you regularly snort drugs there is also a risk that you could damage your nose, membranes, sinuses, teeth and cartilage.  This can have effects like teeth loosening or collapse of the nostrils (like a famous actor from Eastenders who's name we won't mention).

Heroin users who snort the drug are 4 times more likely to overdose than than those that smoke it.  Therefore smoking should be considered a lesser risk way of taking the drug.  The hit from smoking Heroin is also far more immediate and therefore you can control the dose you require to get high before getting to wasted.

More info:

UK Assembly on Hepatitis C 020 7735 7705

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