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Fantazia Banner Advert & Sponsorship Opportunities

We now have some exciting advertising opportunities on the Fantazia website. If you are interested please contact us or purchase a campaign directly below.  We have outlined some of the main reason why you should get in touch.  Below are some of the spots that are available:

Advert Size / LocationApprox Monthly Page Views
768x90 Leaderboard250000
768x90 Bottom250000
120x600 Right200000
120x240 Left200000
Forum Top 50000
Forum Bottom50000
250 x 250 Right200000
Custom sizeTBC

Files size are for jpeg/gif around 80kb.  These prices are for slots per month and is very cheap on an effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM).  There will currently not be more than 2 advertisers per spot.

Sponsorship Opportunities & Editorial

We may also be prepared (for the right products) to give your items some editorial on the Fantazia Home page.  Do get in touch to discuss this further.   We are also able to allow sponsorship of site section or the whole site.

Past Advertisers / Clients

We have conducted successful advertising/promotional campaigns for many companies. Recent ones include:

GoGoGloGlo -
Ministry of Sound
New Port City Rollers
Sold Out Adertising
Slammin Vinyl
Universal Music
New glow product
Ibiza Weekender
Promotion of glow packs
Album Launch
Album Launch
Scooter toour
Album Launch

"It has been beneficial, have just had a look at the links and I am impressed! We will definitely consider doing this again in the future when launching other new related products." 

"I found the advert brought in some good traffic. 4000 listeners of my podcast and music combined is very good indeed!.
Newport City


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